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      Imports - By Volume

      Amount of the traded commodity (tonnes). The total value is a composite of traded sub-products, which are converted to their original raw equivalents and then aggregated.

      Imports - By Deforestation exposure

      Deforestation exposure is allocated to the actors along the supply chain in proportion to the volume of the commodity that they export from a given jurisdiction relative to the total production of the commodity (by all actors) in the same jurisdiction.

      Imports - By Emissions exposure

      CO2 emissions linked to deforestation exposure, including from above and below-ground biomass and litter.

      Imports - By Land use

      Area of land being used to produce the commodity. Based on exported volumes and yield values per jurisdiction.

      Imports - By Financial flow

      Value of the traded product in US dollars as it flows along the supply chain based on the value of the shipment as reported at the port of export (termed Freight on Board value, or FOB). Based on customs and trade data.

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